Interview with Craig Marais, Teacher at Experis Academy

Craig Marais is a program Leader and Lecturer at Noroff, School of Technology and Digital Media, in Oslo. It’s his second year of teaching at Experis Academy Sweden.

Tell us, what are the benefits of the education?
Experis Academy has a proven record of training candidates to become full-stack developers, and we use the most up-to-date versions of software and frameworks making sure our candidates have the skills that industry needs right now.

What do the candidates learn during the education?
Candidates in the program will learn everything they need to build full-stack web solutions, and not just the theory. They will create multiple real solutions to problems during the training, and in the case they will tackle a large task tailored to meet the requirements of one of the companies that could hire them.
What is the structure of the education?
The course is 4 weeks of Java programming and 4 weeks of JavaScript. The Java portion focuses on back-end technologies, topics such as Maven, Spring, Heroku and SQL to name a few. Then in the JavaScript portion the candidates will learn to build front-end solutions using frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.

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