Meet our trainer Per Christian Kofstad

Per Christian Kofstad, started his information security in the Norwegian Army, serving a total of 9 years, ending up as an information security specialist officer. He then restarted his career going back to school to study information security and software development. His first year as a developer was done on an internship contract with Geeks Ltd in London. He has since then been part of an tech-startup filling different roles as the company grew, working as a developer, technical lead and product owner. Pursuing different opportunities and challenges as a consultant the past few years, he has been filling roles as a developer, architect, technical lead and advisor in a variety of projects. 

Per Christian is primarily focusing on software development with a passion for secure development and safe project deliveries. This gives him an up to date view of the day to day challenges in an ever changing IT industry when taking on the role as instructor. Per Christian has over the past years specialized in dotNet Core technologies, DevOps work methodology and CI/CD against Azure hosting services. Embracing all the small simple things during the daily development work that ensures a safe and secure implementation and delivery of software projects. His background as a “system owner” in the Norwegian army and in a tech start-up, gives him the ability to understand “both sides of the table” when working in demanding projects. As a handful of projects always will struggle to find the right solutions he is determined on a continuous improvement to find recipes, tools and techniques to minimize the risk as much as possible as early as possible in every project. His instructor style is focusing on the whole picture of delivering software, understanding that technology is usually only a part of the challenge when seen in combination with change management, practicality and return value. 

Over the years Per Christian counts 60+ advance courses as a technical or security instructor. Per Christian has been a certified ISC2 trainer since 2020. He is also developing in-house courses in secure development tailored for the Norwegian IT market and IT consultant industry. 

Trainer in CSSLP authorized ISC2 trainer.