Meet Erik from the java program

Experis Academy is an intensive paid education where a whole bunch of candidates are trained with turbo speed in Java. One of these is Erik Johansson, to whom we have asked some questions.


How would you describe yourself?
- I am a person who likes people very much, all different kinds of people. I find it exciting to watch others and I like people who are unique. That's probably why I get along so well with the 'nerds', who may be quirky but who share my values, and I appreciate people who are very knowledgeable.

What did you do before you started at Experis Academy?
- I am originally from Dalsland and I have previously studied to be an electrician, but after working with it for 5 years, I felt it was time to change tracks. Then I moved to Växjö and studied the Network Security program at Linnaeus University. It was very fun, and I was introduced to the programming world and felt that this is what I want to work with.

What attracted you to Experis Academy?
- Since I did not work in the IT industry before, I did not really know how I would get into the profession after 3 years at the university. Then the opportunity arose to start at Experis Academy and I thought it suited me very well. The education gives me the opportunity to develop my programming skills and get warmer in my clothes before I go out into the industry for real. Since it is something completely different from what I have worked with before, it also gives me the opportunity to find out a little more about how the IT industry works and what is expected of me as a developer. It is a very broad profession, so I feel that the education gives me a chance to find my role as a developer and what suits me best, and at the same time become more confident in myself and to be able to program even more.

What are your expectations for the education?
- It goes a bit hand in hand with what I mentioned earlier that I should find my role as a developer. I know that I want to work as a developer, but I'm not sure which role suits me, and I feel that the education will help me come to an understanding with it.

What are your impressions so far?
- I think we are a very good team at Experis Academy. Everyone is very knowledgeable and driven. There is always a lot of expertise in the room and everyone is very helpful. It is a high tempo, but since everyone has an education since before, it works very well. Then I think it's great fun too.

What do you dream of in the future?
- I feel that I could work with a little anything as long as I get to do something that I am passionate about and that interests me. Most of my waking time I will work and therefore the most important thing for me is that I get to work with something I think is fun. If I have to fantasize a bit, it would have been tempting to live and work abroad. I have traveled a lot so it would have been exciting to experience a different culture and work in a different environment.