HR, Sales & Marketing

If one were to say that Experis is made up of small islands, where each competence is an individual island, you can view us as the sea around the islands.

We work with a wide range of services, many in sales and marketing. We are working to appoint managers and professionals in all areas except Executive, IT, Engineering and Finance. Our services are wide and we can help anyone, from a small company in an industrial area, and up to large government agencies. We have the opportunity to meet many different industries.

We meet about a thousand people a week and are locally-based, while we also have a nationwide network. Because they are very important, we focus on maintaining our network regardless of location or size. Our staff has tremendous experience and always a background in the field, as they add staff from within. They also have their own networks that we value highly.

Customer needs are primary. This is why we have an advisory role and will propose the candidates who are the best suited for the task. Then our customers get to choose who best fits into the corporate culture. Because we are strong, we can launch large assignments. In need of a quick appointment, we can extend to two recruiters who work with the mission to streamline the process.

In addition to using our network to find the right people, we use search to find good candidates alongside those seeking the service that is active.