Working as a consultant

As a consultant, you are part of our team

Jobba som konsultDo you want to broaden or deepen your experience? Are you "stuck" in your job? Do you want to advance your career? There are many good reasons to work as a consultant at Experis.

With us, you can expect both long and short assignments. You are part of our team but you are also in an important partnership with the client. Many of our consultants identify as much with the company where they work, as they do with us. You never feel like you are "stuck", because of the ability to change industry.

If you like challenges and to meet new people, culture and clients, you'll be happy in our team. We offer variety and an opportunity to share your expertise and leadership skills. We select companies in which you have the right skills and experience. We ensure that your personality and motivations fit. We simply look to match you with a job which is a great fit!