IT Candidate

Do you want to broaden or deepen your experience? Do you want to advance your career?

There are many good reasons to work as a consultant with us. We give you an opportunity to work for large and well-known companies that are in our clientele. You can expect both long and short assignments. You are part of our team but you are also in an important partnership with the client. We select companies in which you have the right skills and experience. We ensure that your personality and motivations fit. We simply look to match you with a job which will be a great fit!

There are many times in your career when it could help you to contact us. You can start as a consultant and then move on to a permanent position where you can develop and then be recruited by another company. We want to be your partner through various stages in your career. If you become a permanent employee of a customer, we can help you with your recruitment needs.

We work with managers and specialists. We can already see that business understanding and customer focus will be key in the IT industry in the future. Do you recognize yourself? You are welcome to contact us.