The right person in the right place is the key to success.

By working closely with you and our customer, we create a task analysis where we ensure that we have a common view of the demands and expectations for the employees you seek. Using competency-based interviews, testing and reference checks, we can present a number of suitable candidates and we will not stop until you are completely satisfied.

Part of recruitment

If you want to take care of the recruitment itself, we assist with some elements such as: the selection of applications, reference checks, tests or a receiving a second opinion. We can also act as advisors when re-structuring or making an internal recruitment.

Tests and personal assessments

As a complement to interviews and references, we use a series of tests that we adapt to each recruitment assignment, such as personality tests, motivation tests, skills tests and knowledge tests. Testing is an integral part of our recruitment assignments but can also be purchased separately at our own recruitment and internal training. All tests are carried out by certified personnel.