Test rig development engineer

In this position you are responsible of delivering the services of developing the test facilities, the means required for the development and/or certification (building modification, mechanical, electrical wiring, measurements and acquisitions, electronic control, test rig automation, fluid management, vehicle simulation, data storage and evaluation tools, etc.) Develop, purchase, and oversee the installation of new equipment including the handing over of equipment to maintenance and operations. Define tooling, instructions, and documentation to support all activities of the test facilities.

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Consultant Lab development engineer – Architect Electro-mobility

The public transportation and heavy duty transportation industries are at a changing corner, with the ramp-up of hybrids and full electrical solutions in the manufacturer’s portfolio.

The company has the clear ambition to be leader in Electro-Mobility solutions, and thus has an ambitious product road map. This drives important needs for test rigs in order to develop, validate and verify the products of tomorrow. As Consultant Lab development engineer – Architect Electro-mobility, you will be the technical advisor in our major development projects. You will work in tight cooperation with product development engineers, maintenance and operation engineers, project managers, suppliers and subcontractors, in order to deliver qualitative, efficient, and cost effective testing solutions. You will work with the full range of testing solutions for electro-mobility products (electrical motors, electrical motor drives, on board chargers, DC/DC converters, batteries, gearboxes…). 

You will be part of the Electro-mobility network, you will have the overview of the product planning, testing plans, and will have to secure that we have the capability to test. Most of the requirements for testing equipment come from how batteries and E-mobility products work.
You will be the rig architect: you will deliver the laboratory technical road map for Electro-mobility testing, you will identify the standards that should be common between our different testing rigs.

As every team member, you will be asked to sometimes support / contribute in areas not directly within your scope of expertise, which will enable you to discover new technologies / methods and ways of working.

Scope of your mission:

  • Technical advisor for the major projects related to electro-mobility testing (understand the product project requirements, translate them into rig specifications, secure common standards, and define technical solutions)
  • Rig architect for electro-mobility: define the technical road map, technical strategy including standardization
  • Perform a regulation watch and have close contacts with internal customers to understand the needs of new testing procedures or equipment 
  • Choose the most efficient solution, involving suppliers in the pre studies, benchmarking, and working in close cooperation with buyers.
  • Support the investment request process. Order required equipment, prototypes.
  • Generate ideas and pre-studies to improve efficiency, quality, reliability or quality demands.
  • Actively contribute in the process development and continuous improvement in the team, even outside your area of expertise.
  • Support other areas of technical development when needed. Take some coordination actions outside electro-mobility, upon request.

Required qualifications:

  • M.Sc. (or similar experience) within automotive engineering, physics
  • Experience in electro-mobility activities would be appreciated: in product development, test engineer, or lab development engineer
  • Experience as project leader or experience as team member in major projects: specifications, scheduling, budget, investment, reporting, commissioning, gates and steering committees…
  • Swedish and English, spoken and written
  • Proactive personality
  • Experience of work with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Team minded
  • Able to provide a vision / a road map
  • Good knowledge of reading and understanding technical drawings.
  • Ability to write technical reports, documentation, protocols, procedures.

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