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With Experis, you get access to 450 global and national customer agreements where the majority of Swedish listed companies are represented.

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With Experis you get a sales organization. We sell and recommend you to our customers, which can serve as a complement to your own customers

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What makes us specialists?
As a sub-consultant to Experis, you get a unique opportunity to grow, both in your field and as a person. In addition to interesting assignments, you get feedback and coaching from your consulting manager. You are part of our large partner network where you get the opportunity to make new contacts and build networks.
What do you get if you join us?
Being a sub-consultant has its advantages. We have over 2000 consultants and consulting companies attached to us. As a sub-consultant to Experis, we act as a complement to your own sales organization.
How do we proceed?
We match the most suitable consultant for each assignment based on competence, personality, availability and price according to our quality-assured process.
What makes our collaborations successful?
With Experis, you get a personal consulting manager who sells your expertise to potential customers. All of our consulting managers have a background in their area of expertise and have broad knowledge of the local labor and candidate market. After each longer assignment, we give you personal feedback that helps you find your strengths, driving forces and areas of development.